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~ Raggedy Tiff's Frida Por Vida Show

~ "Let me start by saying – Good Morning everyone!- such a beautiful and cloudy day in L.A. This time last year, it was nothing like this. We can use more rain since we are in a drought right?…..

Its been quite a while….. sorry for being away from my blog, but I been extremely busy with my #fridaporvida show kicking off May 30,2015 Hope you all can make it and come share with me a beautiful evening. I will showcasing my 2015 Summer Collection along with never-before seen photography (inspired by Frida) Pls note that all images will be focusing on costumes that I designed, expression of emotion frida went through in life. The images will be refracting the many physical & emotional challenges that she went through.

I very much look forward to sharing this collection to you all and I hope we can all come and witness this with me."

xoxoxo- Jess

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