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~ Neon Silent Disco at The Bloc

~ Neon Silent Disco Wednesday, April 19th - 7p to 10p

We will SWIRLing our cotton candy on glow sticks


Calling all festival lovers…four DJs, three sounds, and one neon dance floor at The Bloc. Put your headphones on and dive into a unique, dynamic music experience as each DJ spins their own tracks at a different stage. DJs will play a combination of Hip-Hop, Dance, Top 40, and EDM. Renowned Los Angeles based DJCJ will headline and close the night with a mix of his well-known tracks. Also featuring DJ Ryan Kenney, DJ Michael Basic and Beat Ventriloquists. Cocktail specials starting at $5, culinary delights, and neon swag…it’s a dance party you won’t want to miss! FREE ENTRY + NEON SWAG > rsvp #DanceDTLA #neonlightsdanceparty #theblocla

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